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Managed Services


Proactively support your organization with a team of IT professionals, all for a predictable monthly cost. Managed IT helps you budget for the future, while being proactive right now. Adtech IT Solutions specializes in serving small businesses with fixed-fee, customizable managed IT services and consulting plans. Our solutions are designed to minimize risks and downtime, streamline operations, reduce stress, stabilize networks and secure your business technology. This allows you to focus on business instead of technology hassles and distractions.


IT Support


You know the feeling. You’re constantly putting out IT fires and feel like you’re barely keeping up. We’ll help you build a solid IT foundation so you’ll be able to focus on what matters — growing your organization. Our track record shows that we do what we promise, operate with transparency,  and are fully invested in forming long-term relationships where we provide the right solutions businesses need to flourish.

Digital Marketing Services


The main goal and function of digital marketing is to put the client’s website in front of a qualified audience, an audience we know is already searching for their products and services.  Ideally, a well performing digital marketing campaign will both outperform a client’s competitors and increase their overall visibility.

Cloud Services


Increase productivity, cybersecurity, collaboration, and scalability, with the latest in cloud technology. Supercharge your team’s mobility while eliminating the hassles and risks of doing IT the old way.


Whether you’re looking to migrate your entire server infrastructure into the cloud or simply revolutionize productivity with cloud email, file-sharing, and collaboration, we have a solution for you.

IT Audits and Risk Assessments


Uncover the Truth


Slow and unreliable technology can cripple business growth. Patching your IT problems may work in the short term but often, surface level fixes hide systemic issues that can prevent your company from scaling. At Adtech, we help businesses make sense of their technology with a holistic IT audit. Our method is simple: First, we inspect your business from top to bottom and discover what’s not working. Then we build a plan that fixes your gaps, prioritize your needs and designs a clear technology roadmap to get you where you want to go. Finally, we help you plan to put measures in place to prevent and respond to incidents that can cause upheaval in your business.


Clear and Comprehensive


Traditional IT risk assessments often bring more confusion than clarity. You uncover problems and inefficiencies only to be left scratching your head and wondering how you’re going to fix them and which to tackle first. Our talented systems specialists investigate your infrastructure and security compliance to better understand your unique setup. Then, we deliver a clear and comprehensive IT audit report that identifies your gaps, the areas we recommend that you focus on first and critical concerns.


IT Security Recommendations


An IT audit doesn’t just stop at infrastructure, hardware and systems. It extends to processes that impact the ongoing performance of your IT systems as well as best practice security and disaster recovery protocols.